Review of Exhibitors from Salon International de La Lingerie ( Jan 24th – 27th 2008) Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles

24 03 2008

Hello my Lovelies!
I’ve been having a lovely chocolate holiday with the Easter Bunny, I think I’ve had too much fun. Anyway, I found out about another trade show that unfortunately already has happened but is supposedly fabulous! From the looks of it, this Lingerie Fair/ Trade Show has top lingerie designers and manufacturers. Here are the Condesa’s picks from the show.
This is the 1st installation of a 3 or 4 part review of the Exhibitors at Salon International de la Lingerie in Versailles. I’m deciding if there is enough good lingerie to make it into a 4 part review…we shall see.

I warn you there are many many divinely original designers here so
be sure not to go too crazy with your credit cards when you see their collections.

Enjoy! – Belgium company who along with lingerie additionally makes women’s wear, men’s wear and shoes. Don’t be fooled just because they are a lingerie company doesn’t mean their NightFall Collection isn’t beautiful. Elegant with soft lace patterns and great sets. They also make stockings and shape wear. – Spring/ Summer Collection is playful, sweet, whimsical, and inspired by Marie Antoinette. They use pastel colors and creative combinations for their cute lingerie sets. From the garter sets to the robes it’s all colorful, kind of reminds of Japanese manga girls. The designer is Danish and stands out in compared to the competition.
Check it out! – Lingerie isn’t too stunning but their robes and nightwear are luxurious. I recommend taking a look at the creme with lace patterning on the neckline. Gorgeous. It’s not fabulous Italian lingerie but they make great robes and coverups. – From the Lingerie group Lise Charmel comes Eprise. Ready to wear daytime lingerie, not your typical nighttime playmate undies. Eprise makes lingerie for the full-figured, curvy woman but I bet this collection looks great on skinny girls too. Beautiful embroidery and intricate designs makes their brassieres and panties pure sensuality. Their pieces are great to wear under your business suit or your normal comfy clothes not only because Eprise lingerie is comfortable but you will feel like an undercover sex goddess with it on. – Bacirubati is a brand owned by the Italian Gruppo Arcte. They own several brands of Men’s and Women’s underwear. Their Bacirubati brand is young, fresh and spirited. They use balconnette bras, push ups with conservative bottoms. Colors from navy blue to bright yellow and then flower prints, they really are all over the place. Exquisite pieces and great cuts. – Assia is a French lingerie company based in Jonage, France. When you think of French women and French lingerie, you need to think Assia. Their designs epitomize the essence of French sensuality and design in lingerie, they have so many great collections on their website.I suggest looking at – Elfe, Tilluel, Cardinal, Lagon, Défile, Flamenco and Bois de Rose.The website is completely in French. Be warned.
Breathtaking lingerie. – Aubade. What can I say? An Internationally known French lingerie brand, known for their quality and sensuality of their collections. Honestly I know they are supposed to be amazing but I think only some of their 2008 collections are noteworthy. Check out – Candide, L’Ambiguë, Sophia, La Glamoureuse, and Mathilde, La Charmeuse.



























That’s the end of my review. Truly it’s a pleasure to discover and advertise these wonderful lingerie delights, I hope all you men and women out there take the time to do some special shopping for yourselves or your special someone. These lingerie brands are cream de la creme, I kid you not. Ta- Ta my lovelies. Happy shopping!


Condesa Limeña